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Gym floor logos


Gym floor logos

Gym floor logos are a great way to show your school spirit. Corlew and Perry has a graphic design team that can create a logo for your team or we can install your existing logo on your gym floor.We have installed over 500 gym floors in the greater Nashville area over the last 5 decades. Our clients include nearly all Metro Nashville schools and almost every private school in the greater Nashville area. We also have installed gym floors as well as gym floor logos for churches. Applying the lines for both basketball floors and volleyball requires exact measurements and very steady hands. Corlew and Perry has both the equipment and experience to take care of your gym floors.

How are gym floor logos applied?

The process by which gym floor logos are applied is pretty simple. Normally, when applying logos and lines, sanding and finishing the floor first is required. There are some instances where we can do lines without sanding, but it requires a test to determine if possible. The test is performed to see the new flooring will adhere to the existing polyurethane or if the new logo or lines will cause the polyurethane to peel. The majority of the time, applying new logos or lines will require sanding and finishing.

After your gym floor has been sanded and finished, multiple coats of polyurethane are applied and left to dry for 12 hours. After the logo has been applied and dried, the final two coats of polyurethane are applied over the logo.



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