Hardwood refinishing


Hardwood refinishing

Many owners of older homes in the greater Nashville area are amazed when peeling back their tired, worn carpet to reveal forgotten hardwood flooring. Rarely is this flooring in good shape. Hardwood floor refinishing is our most requested service. Our refinishing work can be seen at the Ryman Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame and many others.

Screening and re-coating versus hardwood floor refinishing?

Once your hardwood floors have been installed, they are then sanded down and made ready to receive the stain. It is important to note that Corlew and Perry uses high power vacuums, that are attached to our sanding machines, which remove virtually all dust during the sanding process. Many of our competitors don’t use our dust control system and are forced to do much more clean up after their sanding process. After the floors have been sanded and stained, polyurethane is added to these floors to create the desired sheen.



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Screening & recoating

After heavy traffic and abuse, the polyurethane layer becomes dull and loses its sheen. To restore the shine to your floors, a walk behind buffing machine uses a very thin screen to lightly scuff up what is left of your polyurethane layer to prepare it. Once the layer has been scuffed, new and fresh polyurethane is then added to bring back the luster to your floors. This process can generally be done in 1 day.

Sanding & finishing

When your floors have seen several years of traffic and abuse, they will often pick up deep scratches and even small gouges. If your floors fit into this category, they are most likely ready for a "sand and finish" job. This is a more complete hardwood floor refinishing service. We come in with our dust control sanders and sand the floor back down to the raw wood. This will remove deep scratches and small gouges. After the sanding process, we then stain the floor with the color of your choosing. Finally, we add polyurethane to your floors and make them look brand new. This process can take up to a week to complete, depending on the size of your job.