Gym floor repair and maintenance


Gym floor repair and maintenance

Gym floor repair and maintenance are essential for a beautiful visual appeal, but it also caters to the safety of those that play on it. Some procedures are fast and easy, and others require more time and expertise for your desired results. Here are some facts that could help you make a great decision about your gym flooring.

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There are some maintenance requirements you can take care of for yourself, like sweeping and dusting, with an occasional damp wash from time to time. Specific gym flooring maintenance supplies are also available to help you remove blemishes that can happen over time, including stains, scuffs, and dings that can affect the playability of the surface. However, other services are also necessary from time to time, which require a professional touch and the warranties that accompany it.

If your gym has a solid wood floor, refinishing can be necessary for the upkeep and should happen at least once a year. It maintains the visual and repairs the surface for better performance and fewer incidents that result in injury. In some cases, basketball court maintenance includes a recoat or screen and coat, which offers outstanding results and revitalized floors that serve for years to come.

It's vital to thoroughly assess your gym floors before every game to ensure the surface is in good repair and there's no chance of splintering. Contact us for further consideration if you find damages or problems that could cause a problem. If your floors need repairs, we can take care of the situation and share all the details so you can decide what you need to do for the best gym floor repair results.



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What can i do to keep my gym floor in shape?

While most schools or churches don’t have a fully trained wood flooring crew, there are a few things you can do to help keep your floors in good shape. The first and most basic is to keep your floor clean. This might seem simple, but it is often the most neglected thing when it comes to gym floor maintenance. Here are 4 simple tips you can use to keep your floors in good shape:

Minimize Fluids On Floor
Sweat, spit, and other body oils eventually make it to the hardwood. Most schools and churches can’t afford to buy an automatic scrubber which is a machine that applies cleaning solution, scrubs the floor then vacuums it up. If this is your case, be sure to mop the floor after major activity to keep those fluids from building up.

Avoid Chemicals
Avoid the use of chemicals on your floor as much as possible. Some of the chemicals and solvents on the market can actually damage your finish and even the wood itself. A simple mop with warm water will do wonders for your gym floors.

Remove Dust
One of the easiest and best things you can do is to remove dust from your gym floors. Be sure to use a microfiber dust mop on your floors. Microfiber dust mops, like those sold by companies like U-Line, will grab and hold dust and dirt with it’s looped microfibers. No cleaning spray is needed!

Limit Exposure
There are several other things that can cause damage to your gym floors: chairs, metal & hard plastic casters, and certain types of equipment. Be sure you have a policy in place that limits the amount of contact your floors have with things that can damage them.

What kind of maintenance program do we need?

There is no "one-size-fits-all" gym floor maintenance program. The amount of traffic, the types of sports played and the different kinds of uses will dictate what sort of maintenance plan you will need. Schedule a free estimate to learn more!
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