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Gym floor refinishing


Gym floor refinishing

One of the most requested gym maintenance services we provide is gym floor refinishing. After years of traffic and abuse, gym floors, gym logos, and floor lines can wear, chip and fade. The amount of traffic your floor has seen will be an important factor in which type of gym floor refinishing you will most likely need.

Screening & recoating

To better understand the screening an recoating process, it it important to know the process used in installing a gym floor. After your wooden gym floor has been installed and sanded, two layers of polyurethane will then be applied. After the two layers of polyurethane are laid down, the lines and logos are then applied. After lines and logos, then two final layers of polyurethane are applied. The finished product is a thing of beauty, assuming it was done professionally. Athletes will sweat and perspiration and body oils will eventually find they way to your floors. Within the next year, the gym floor will begin to become dull and lose its original luster. The first option to help your floors look like new is to screen and recoat the floors. This is done with a walk behind buffing machine. We use a very fine screen to lightly and gently scuff up the remaining polyurethane and then reapply new and fresh layers of polyurethane. This is the least costly of the two procedures and can generally be done in 1 to 2 days.



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Full refinishing

If your gym floors have seen many years of traffic and abuse, then more than likely it will take a full refinish. This is the more costly of the two refinishing options but when the procedure is done, your floors will essentially be brand new. Rather than simply scuffing up the top coat of polyurethane, we bring in multiple high power drum sanders and completely sand the floor and bring it down to the raw wood. This procedure will remove deep scratches and most gouges as well. Once down to the raw wood, the job is treated as a brand new floor. The team will then apply polyurethane, lines & logos, and then the final top layers of polyurethane. This procedure will take between between a week and 10 days.