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Gym floor installation


Gym floor installation

Over 90% of the gym floor installations in the United States are done with hard woods. Although some gym floors are built using synthetic materials, such as poured urethane, hard wood gym floors are the standard in gyms across America. The most important part of any gym floor installation is the wood used. Maple wood is the most popular choice of gym floors in the world. Beech wood is another, but less used option for gym floors. We would love to visit and help you find the best option for your situation.

Maple wood has over 125 known species of wood and the majority of those are native to Asia. "Sugar" Maple, also known as "hard maple" is the wood most often used on gym floors and is the most popular species of Maple in the United States. Corlew and Perry uses only the highest grade of maple in our gym floor installation process.

Maintain your new gym floors

Once the gym floor installation is complete, start thinking about a long term maintenance program for your floors. With proper maintenance done at the right intervals, your school or church can enjoy your gym floors for decades to come. When organizations neglect their floors, the cost of repairs can be much higher than a simple maintenance contract. Protect your new floors with a gym floor maintenance program from Corlew and Perry.



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